The Philosophy of YAAAAARGH!

My son, who turned four years old this weekend, approaches every day, task and challenge with one philosophy: “YAAAAAAAARRRRGH!” Chances are if you’ve ever met a three or four year old, you’ll be familiar with this idea. The philosophy basically consists of yelling “YARGH” at the top of your lungs as you run directly atContinue reading “The Philosophy of YAAAAARGH!”

Confidence or Arrogance?

I love a good podcast and I recently stumbled across a brilliant one called “David Tennant Does a Podcast with…”  The last episode of Season 1 is with actor Michael Sheen. I’ll include links below, have a listen to this and all the other episodes. About 10 minutes into the episode, Michael speaks about hisContinue reading “Confidence or Arrogance?”