About Me

Dominic Leahy

Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)

◈ Father ◈ Husband ◈ Leader ◈ Dedicated to Development

With more than 10 years experience in people leadership, I have developed a passion for seeing people grow and achieve their goals. Early on in my leadership career I attended a training session called “The Coach Approach” which sparked my interest in coaching. This new approach stuck firmly with me and became core to my leadership style over the following years. I found myself driven to engage with my team and focus on their whole self, not just make it about work and to be able to offer them development outside their immediate role. 

Some years later, I began seeking more challenges and wanting to develop further, to grow my coaching skill set and make a career out of it. I decided to Google “degree in coaching” and found the Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) degree at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Through the course of this degree I realised the importance of purpose, a “why” that drives us to do the things we do.

“Everyone who meets me should be better off for having done so.”

My Purpose

On reflection I could see that this purpose has guided me for some time. I’ve always endeavoured to leave people and places better off. It drove me to seek leadership positions as early as primary school and has always guided my style of leadership in the workforce. It is this purpose that guided me into my passion for people development, and lead me to my degree and coaching as a career path.

This purpose also guides me as a husband and father. I met my wife while backpacking in Europe 14 years ago and we have been together since. Six years ago we became parents and now have a daughter named Daisy, and a son named James.

It is not for me to tell you how you should be better off, that’s not what coaching is about. My goal is that through our coaching relationship you will achieve your goals and make the changes you want to make – whatever they are.

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